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John Stranack Photography

  I have always had an interest in photography however it is only since the introduction of digital that I been activley making images.

Photography has a number of dimensions that interest me bringing together the technical, craft and art to create a unique image.  The process of developing an image in both Lightroom and Photoshop to create the image I envisioned is as much an interest as exposing for the image when I am photographing.

Yes I know that gear doesn't count but I do find that the equipment is an interest that I enjoy.  The right camera, lens or flash for the job is a key to my decision making in creating an image.

 A big part of my development  process  is the use of                                                              in my Photoshop workflow and it has changed how I view and work in Photoshop. To some extent the use of luminosity masks has defined my preferred style of image.

All my images are shot in raw allowing me the most data  available and therefore the flexibility in developing the image I envisioned.   

Photography has also helped me appreciation  travel more and it is something I try to a lot of these days. One of my favourite photography destinations is New Zealand where I have  done work with my  brother who is a professional photographer  based in Durban South Africa.  Visit his site  

There are a number of photographers who have influenced my photography but possible the most influential has been                        a  Port Macquarie based photographer.  I am also  inspired by my brother who reintroduced me to photography. His work can be seen at

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